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26 December 2009 @ 05:06 pm
So it's Boxing Day now, but I just wanted to extend a Merry Christmas to anyone actually reading this. I had a very good but very, very hot day yesterday. Christmas morn was awesome, got so many pressies and our dog Tess, a yellow labrador, just went nuts with the wrapping paper. Visited Mum's family in West Auckland, where we had a great lunch, pork and beef off the spit and lots and lots of Pavlova afterwards. Heaps of people there, I swear it just gets bigger every year! My cousin Kylie bought her new kitten to show us - he is the cutest thing ever, and his name is Huffer, adorable!!!
At around 4pm, my brother Adam and his girlfriend Sarah came over from Sarah's family lunch, and we drove together to Ararimu for my Dad's family dinner, which is about an hour south of Auckland, in, like, country area. Two new additions to that side of the family as well - my cousin Nick's new baby Piper, who's about five months and it was the first time we've got to see her, and my cousin Julianne's new baby Eliza, who's nearly three months. On top of that, Piper's older sister Scout, who's almost three years old - so it was like baby central. Got to play with some playdough, oh yeah!
Piper is SO cute, I wanted to take her home, such a good baby!

Anyway, thought I'd catalogue my Christmas haul:
(I have a massive family, but gifts stop at 18 on my Mum's side, so there you go).

From my parents:
- Perfume, ‘Daisy’ by Marc Jacobs
- A Pandora charm, the purple and pink Murano glass bead
- Boxer shorts, ‘Christmas Lights’ from Peter Alexander
- Three tank tops, Pink, Yellow and Orange from Peter Alexander
- Purse, Pink from Dotti
- Town bag, Black
- Bottle of Malibu Coconut Rum, with wooden ‘Malibu’ paddles and ball
- Mini deodorant, shampoo and conditioner
- Mini flashlight
- Sunscreen
- Turquoise earrings
- Large picture frame for 8 photos
- Illustrated, hardback copy of ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking-Glass’ by Lewis Carroll
- Selection of chocolate bars

From my brother Adam:
- DVD, ‘The Whole Collected Thing’, all of Dylan Moran’s live comedy shows

From my brother’s girlfriend Sarah:
- A Pandora charm, the silver knot

From my best friend Michelle:
- A Pandora charm, the spotted pink Murano glass bead

From my Grandma:
- Giraffe keyring
- Purple singlet

From my Auntie Inge:
- Purple necklace

From my Uncle Peter & Auntie Christine:
- $30 Borders voucher

From my cousin John:
- Jewellary holder shaped like a woman in a black evening gown

From my cousin Vicky:
- $20 Sky City Cinemas voucher

I got Mum a rose & patchouli scented infuser and a cupcake shaped tea cosy (she asked for it!), I got my Dad Port glasses, where you sip through the handle, my brother some shot glasses and his girlfriend a thing which hangs from the ceiling and you attach photos to it with heart shaped magnets.
And that was it, :). Hope your Christmas was just as good.
Can't wait for New Years! Leaving for camping with my mates tomorrow.
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