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Courtney Kim
05 October 2008 @ 09:30 pm
Hello there. So I created a graphics journal for myself, which is all kinds of awesome. It's called thatorphansky and you should watch it, even though there's nothing there yet - but there will be, I promise. And to celebrate, I'm posting my latest four House M.D./Hugh Laurie wallpapers...
Oh and yeah, haven't got an icon table because I'm still kind of hungover. However, I will be using one next time.

So these are my latest four little projects - wallpapers/banners/headers or whatevs.

they're forming in circles over my head...Collapse )
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Courtney Kim
03 June 2008 @ 04:59 pm
I'm sitting here with my cat, Jinks.
She's the little outsider of our mini animal kingdom. But she's my little outsider and she's perfect. I know I hug her too tight sometimes and she spends too much time outside for my liking, but we're best buddies.
Was thinking about how I talk too much about things that don't matter much. But honestly, (and I'll stick by this), John Mayer is damn fine (musically and good lookingly) and House is the best show on television.

And I'm cold. Which is just ridiculous.

This is the end of my blog.
Soupy twist.
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the sound of: john mayer - every little thing she does
Courtney Kim
29 April 2008 @ 11:05 am
TITLE: Ping Pong
AUTHOR: hollow13
PAIRING: House/Wilson, not slashy but fun anyway
SUMMARY: House. Wilson. Ping Pong.
DISCLAIMER: House and Wilson are my slaves. No really, I own nothing but my overractive imagination.
NOTES: It's only short. But it tastes good.

Ping PongCollapse )
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the sound of: john mayer
Courtney Kim
05 April 2008 @ 11:14 pm
Was thinking about perfection,
That hurried, augmented word,
That impossibly, infinitely, unachievable goal.

It’s a bit ridiculous.

Eat healthy, exercise more, look pretty, stand tall,
Be smart, funny, creative, kind, strong,
Save the planet, get rich quick, live life to the fullest, pass your exams,
Wear nice clothes, say nice things, have nice sex (with protection)
Respect your elders, use sunscreen, don’t do bad things,
And for chrissakes, be happy.

It’s impossible.
Not even Mother Theresa herself accomplished all this.

And it’s exhausting.

How do I do in perfection’s test?

I eat too much, exercise too little, don’t look that pretty, have bad posture,
Am selectively smart, seldom funny, potentially creative, occasionally kind, very weak,
I am an environmentally unaware, spendthrift, lazy ass who manages to pass exams
Have a few nice clothes, say a few nice things when I remember, aren’t getting any sex (with or without protection)
Hardly respect my elders, don’t use enough sunscreen
But at least I’m too good to be bad.

Am I happy?
Are you?
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Courtney Kim
03 December 2007 @ 01:07 pm
i love

house & cuddy
house & wilson
house icons
house on drugs
house playing piano
hugh laurie
house in general
my buddy michelle & kelly & alex
and house
and coffee

i miss

my old buddy laura & sophie
from: home
the feeling of: blahblah
the sound of: charmer - kings of leon